what I eat in a day for weight loss + health [raw vegan food + alfredo recipe]

what I eat in a day for weight loss + health [raw vegan food + alfredo recipe]

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RAW VEGAN Fettuccine Alfredo recipe:

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39 thoughts on “what I eat in a day for weight loss + health [raw vegan food + alfredo recipe]

  1. Lemon Water works best for me. My diet is based on eating gluten free pasta, fish turkey and green smoothies and I go vegan twice a week. My workouts are: yoga, cycling, trx training and walking.

  2. I want to be like kate she has inspired me to want to start being vegan but i don't know were or how to start please help me i am tired of being over weight

  3. Bought your ebook a few days ago. Currently eating your fettuccini alfredo ! OMGoodness it's so good ! Keep it up. Can't wait to make more or your recipes ! Even my meat loving husband is enjoying a plate ?

  4. You are my inspiration Kate. I love your passion for life and your drive to help people become the best version of themselves. You are such an incredible person and I admire you so much. Keep doing what you're doing and remember you mean the world to so many if not all of your fruit family. xxx

  5. I just made your Alfredo noodle following the instructions, only I used spinach noodles because I couldn’t get the other kind. I’m not vegan and this is my first vegan meal besides smoothies and this first tastes nothing like Alfredo noodles lol but it is a very interesting taste and I don’t mind it. I will probably make again sometime

  6. When I saw your Instagram story a week or so ago about the raw potato salad I thought to myself, WHAT?! Raw potatoes?! Super happy you chose to make this video so I could gain better insight to the actual recipe! 🙂

  7. Hey! How much is that cup of lemonade in litres? You shouldn't intake more than 1L of water per 1 hour (watermelon has lots of water) because your kidneys can't process that and can lead to water poisoning. Just in case you dont know <3

  8. fuck me i've been feeling heaps down the last few days but within the first few seconds of this vid you already put a smile on my face so thank you :')

  9. I know this is more than a month past when you posted this video but holy WOW, this alfredo is of another world… By the far THE best flavors that have ever gone inside of me. I almost orgasmed/cried. Thank you. This helps me want to continue to eat raw/high vibrational foods. Hope to meet you at Woodstock Fruit Festival. I'll be with my one-year-old daughter. <3

  10. I tried the baking soda and lemon juice for softening the kelp noodles and it totally worked but it seems like the noodles absorbed some of it because now my tummy is not too happy. I'm very bloated and burping like I've actually had some baking soda instead of just putting the noodles in it. Also I was sure to rinse the noodles well and when I took a bite to see if they were soft it had some lemon flavor so I guess it absorbed some baking soda too… so I don't know what went wrong. Any help?

  11. You look gorgeous! I’m vegan but not raw vegan. I still really enjoy watching your videos. You inspire me to eat less processed food and incorporate raw vegan meals into my diet. Thank you so much for sharing all these delicious recipes and a part of your life with us. I always look forward to your next video.

  12. Would this work for a woman who is 56 years old. Menopause I'm sure is not on your mind but it's really hard to get the weight off. At least for me. Also, I work day and night. 7 days. Please help if you can. Thanks so much for listening.

  13. This comment isnt about todays video, but you needbto incorporate more plant based fat in your diet, like nuts, seeds and nut butters. Your skin is starting to wrinkle

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