What I Eat in a Busy Work Day as a Vegan Food Blogger ?

What I Eat in a Busy Work Day as a Vegan Food Blogger ?

Here’s every thing I eat in a day as a Vegan and as a full time Food Blogger & YouTuber!
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33 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Busy Work Day as a Vegan Food Blogger ?

  1. Love your videos! I watch it everyday in the treadmill and during bfast haha what brand of air fryer did u get? I want crispy chickpeas too but I can’t get them crispy in the oven.. thanks!

  2. Do you have another job or is this your only job? Because I would love to do vegan Youtube cooking videos but even with 300k followers Im wondering if I could make a living out of it.

  3. I know the feeling. I work a part-time job along with blogging/YouTube and it's hard to NOT work all hours of the day. But look how it's paying off for you! Squeeze a few extra hours of chill time in where you can though, we'll all still be here when you come back!

  4. Couldn't help but lol at the outro — "I'm definitely a workaholic, and that's one resolution I have — to take more time for myself.. So anyway, yeah, I'm going to end this video so I can go work more, thanks for watching!!!" Loved the vid as always <3 <3

  5. the title of this video hurts my brain…your work is being a food blogger…and your video about work is blogging food…so even if you're busy with work, you should have food around…because…your work is food…and your food is work…im gonna need a minute…

  6. Your work is worth our while! You make the lives of thousands of people more enjoyable, and you promote veganism which is crucial to the planet, our health, and the animals… Thank you for what you give us, and thank you for what you represent! ?

  7. Seriously? Going vegan for environmental/ethical reasons just to end up buying tropical fruits from the other side of the planet? Please wake up !! I'm really disappointed.

  8. lol. you can make homemade coconut yogurt from probiotic capsules and coconut milk. costs like $17 for probiotics and $2.50 for a can of coconut milk! and the capsule package has 20 or more capsules in it so you don’t have to keep buying it!

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