Veganism Is More Ethical Than Eating Meat, Except In One Case

Veganism Is More Ethical Than Eating Meat, Except In One Case

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“A grass fed diet is more ethical than a plant-based diet” What a load of manure! Let’s check this bold claim out…

Whether we examine the question of ethics from the rights of the animal, from doing the least harm possible, or from being the most ecologically beneficial; a plant-based diet comes out ahead.

Veganism isn’t a pedestal position, it’s an open position for anyone to adopt, who wishes to be as conservative and compassionate as possible.

The only excuse for taking the life of an animal is if one is in a position of necessity. For those of us watching this video, we have ample options to eat other than animals, therefore to CHOOSE to kill is a major ethical problem. If one thinks that humans need to eat animals, then the question someone still desiring to be compassionate and conservative needs to ask is, “How much meat is truly necessary for human health?”

For me and many others, the answer is zero animal products necessary. So, the ethical path is clear, eat vegan as much as you can. I have for 10 years and feel better by the year.

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25 thoughts on “Veganism Is More Ethical Than Eating Meat, Except In One Case

  1. Yr wrong, bro, sorry. Plants, and any creature, are just as much "beings" as an animal is. Also, modern day Hunter/gatherers have a FAR smaller eco footprint than California vegans.

  2. Very well said! Animals should be allowed to experience and enjoy their lives, and as human beings we're here to ensure that, and protect them and our planet. We've forgotten. So grateful that I remembered in this lifetime.

  3. Love the ethics talk. I’ve been vegan for almost 3 years and I love watching how you interact with your family! While I understand the argument you’re making by saying as a survival mode it makes sense to eat meat, I have trouble with the implied statement: the ethicality of eating meat is relative. My gut reaction is that a vegan would say some things are just inherently wrong. I imagine your response would go back to the statement about vegans doing the least harm possible and that we’re not immune to inadvertently contributing to the death of animals. Anyone feel free to throw your two cents in!

  4. i agree that we do not need to eat meat anymore in 2018 but i disagree with the view that being a vegan is healthy when there are people who go vegan or vegetarian and end up not being healthy there are even vegetarians that are obese, there's a lot of politics involved in veganism and vegetarian and it being healthy depending on how you do it, in conclusion i believe with facts backing me up that simply being vegan or vegetarian is not healthy i believe it has to be done in a specific manner for it to be healthy. that's why i don't put myself in the vegan or vegetarian group or put myself in any religious or not religious team, i just don't eat meat because i don't need too through unforced education and freedom of choice and i rarely consume animal by products except for cheese on pizza on rare occasions. but i do not put myself in any group or define one of the groups to be healthier just because you remove meat or animal by products from your diet.its a dietary choice and just because you do not eat meat or animal by products it doesn't mean you are a good person characteristically speaking and in general.

  5. In America it's not necessary to get a job, soooo in America it's necessary to not get a job… I am not sure if I agree with this logic. I'll have to think about that a while.
    If everyone in America became vegan tomorrow, what do you believe might happen to all those pigs,cows, chickens,etc.? Would all those farms and such continue caring for those animals at their own expense?, Would those animals be turned loose to starve and create chaos on others property, or would they be slaughtered.? I suspect there would be a holocaust unlike has ever been experienced in human history. I believe this is why people are enlightened on an individual bases in their own time.

  6. Bullshit! Can we just stop labeling ourselves as vegans? Plant based is much better because you rely on plants to survive and make other products🤷‍♂️ by not relying on animals? Because when people say vegan, then ur technically not allowed to eat insects or even bivalves, while killing insects and other small animals on a daily basis therefore not being really vegan. And I feel like theses days people will use the vegan title against vegans because of this issue. That even though ur vegan, ur still contributing to some extent of animal harm and therefore veganism starts to really sound like a religion. Such as in the case of an YouTuber being vegan for years and then confessing eating eggs once and being judged of not being truly vegan. That’s just stupid

  7. I was vegan for over a decade and was having all types of problems with digestion, energy, mental fog. This was also doing 80/10/10 and other variations. My problems only seem to stay the same or increase. The diet can work for some people, but there are many many people that it does not work for. Guilting those people into living a suboptimal life because it works for you is not the best argument. I listened to this community for years and went further and further into my health issues. Cherry picking ethics only makes it harder for struggling vegans, like I was, to find solutions. After years of suffering, I finally changed my diet to something that works for me and I'm grateful to find my health returning. If your willing to impose your own personal ideology on people in your own community who are suffering just to be "right" I question the ethics of the diet. It needs to be able to stand on its own merits, not guilt.

  8. Okay I thought about whether or not I should comment and think maybe I should. Here's my situation. I was diagnosed with celiac many years ago and since then have continued to develop more and more severe food intolerances, being dairy (that I dont mind), corn (I react as severely to that as I do gluten) citrus, anything spicy, foods high in fiber ie; lentils chickpeas and every grain except rice, and am completely allergic to soy tomatoes pineapple and kiwifruit…I have tried to transition to vegan several times..the longest being a 4 month time span. I really really do want to adopt a vegan lifestyle but with so many intolerances I seem to fall short on the protein and fats and therefore end up with cravings and I revert back to meat (i assume since I am not satiated). It should also be noted that I cannot afford to lose weight. Being 5 ft 7 and weighing 127lbs (and only because I am 5 months post pardom with my 5th baby)…so in this case should I give up on being vegan or is there a way for me to be successful with it?

  9. Eating an apple is steal killing a life forum. Just because, you can’t hear it scream doesn’t mean it’s not alive. If, you’re familiar with the fallen angels concept. We’ll never escape earth because, the creator said, “you should not kill” but in order to eat you have to kill something wether it’s a plant or animal. I haven’t eaten meat in 2 years. I notice some benefits but, my great grandma died at 105 and she ate meat and cake until she died. If, you think about fruit and vegetables been fake before meat #imjustsaying

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