Vegan Sushi 3 Ways | Two Market Girls

Vegan Sushi 3 Ways | Two Market Girls

Easy and delicious vegan sushi you can make at home! For our sushi party we made a veggie maki roll, a vegan chicken teriyaki maki roll, and a vegan yam tempura maki roll. Best party ever.

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23 thoughts on “Vegan Sushi 3 Ways | Two Market Girls

  1. There are recipes for vegan salmon using carrots and tomatoes and vegan tuna using watermelon! Sarah’s vegan kitchen has demos on them! I’d love to see your takes too though

  2. I love sushi, but I never made it at home because my husband is not a fan, so it seemed too much of a hustle to cook 2 different things. Especially when I have so many recipes in mind! Maybe now he will enjoy it more, seeing as he loves veggies and vegan food 🙂

  3. I just love how you girls always make more than one variety of the dish, it’s super helpfully and thoughtful.?? have a peek at my channel here if you’d like, I make some vegan things as well. Cheers, lovelies!???

  4. I’ve been making sushi at home since I was a kid and it’s super fun and easy once you try it. You can make mock fish out of yuba, tomato, carrot, papaya, jack fruit, coconut meat, various mushrooms like oyster, banana flours, tapioca starch, kunjac jelly and the list of things that can make moc fish goes on and on lol

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