VEGAN + CRUELTY FREE FAVS | august + september.

VEGAN + CRUELTY FREE FAVS | august + september.

The cruelty free and vegan stuff and things I loved in August and September 🙂





PRODUCTS MENTIONED [All cosmetics are vegan unless otherwise stated]

Fenty Beauty Universal Gloss Bomb
Too Faced Multiuse Sculpting Concealer in ‘Vanilla’ / ‘Swan’
Avril Cosmetics Le Poudre in ‘Porcelain’
Avril Cosmetics Nude Eye Palette
Sainsbury’s Boutqiue Volumizing Mascara
Lani Tropical Night Serum
Tropic Tamanu Healing Balm
The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask
Tropic Clarifying Hair Wash
Nailmatic polish – Zao polish – Barry M Plumpy Top Coat
BBC 6 Soul Music Podcast

MUSIC » Majestic Casual.

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18 thoughts on “VEGAN + CRUELTY FREE FAVS | august + september.

  1. Love your channel! just watched some of your other videos aswell and wanted to ask you something: what to look for when reading a ingredients list on a cruelty free makeup item that might or might not be vegan, how to make sure if it's vegan? I only know about honey, beeswax and carmine but what else to look for, these lists usually contain so much and confuse me x

  2. I feel so close to you Beccy I don't know why ..but so many people are quite fake so I'm sick of that. You are just you and your personality is just similar with mine I guess ? it was a long comment but anyway I love you and your style 🙂 keep going 🙂

  3. Hello ! Why don't you use better compositions organic brands like Leahlani, kosas, earthwise beauty, rituel de fille, lepaar, bkind etc ? 🙂

  4. Your Fenty gloss looks incredible – I've been wanting it for ages but, like you, have been put off by the Harvey Nichols exclusivity. Maybe I'll have to make the trip as I'd love to get my foundation matched too. Also, I love that you mentioned the Too Faced PC! Support it or not, it's important to be informed & it really bugs me when CF bloggers omit this detail.
    Definitely my favourite favourites video this year <3

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