Kevin Smith Thanks Veggie Grill for Dramatic Weight Loss

Director Kevin Smith—known for his films Chasing Amy, Clerks, and for portraying half of the comedic duo “Jay and Silent Bob”—thanked his vegan daughter, along with plant-dependent quickly-food stuff chain Veggie Grill, for serving to him attain a pounds reduction milestone. Smith endured a “widowmaker” coronary heart assault previously this year and eschewed animal products from his diet program in March. By the stop of August, the as soon as 259-pound director shed extra than 50 kilos—a milestone set by his doctor to avoid even further heart issues—and continues to increase his wellness on a plant-primarily based eating plan. “The scale reported 198 these days! This is the initially time since high college that I’ve weighed less than 200 pounds,” Smith captioned an Instagram photograph of himself on a hike. “Never imagined I could get right here once again but a heart attack can be a good motivator.” Smith has expressed his adoration for Veggie Grill quite a few moments because he adopted a plant-dependent diet regime and not long ago asked the chain to open up a area in his hometown of Pink Lender, NJ. Lucky for Smith, California-primarily based Veggie Grill is at present going through a nationwide expansion with plans to open up outposts together the East Coast in the coming months.  

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