Ex-Vegan (2 Years): Carbs Made Me Emotionally Unstable And Unable To Think Straight

Ex-Vegan (2 Years): Carbs Made Me Emotionally Unstable And Unable To Think Straight

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28 thoughts on “Ex-Vegan (2 Years): Carbs Made Me Emotionally Unstable And Unable To Think Straight

  1. I don't get it why you refuse to eat fruit, Sv3rige. If you're reasoning is to mimic the paleolithic (pre-agricultural) diet, then you have to know that humans were eating fruit long before they cultivated cow milk. Every "paleo" diet I've seen includes plenty of raw fruit. Is it because of some allergy you have?

  2. Im starting to not even like the taste of fully cooked meat. I still sear the outsides so my family wont think I’m nuts. Inside is still raw though which I love. I can only afford Walmart meat as well unfortunately. Mostly chuck roast because it is cheap ($4.97 a pound) and looks fattier than others. Only organ meat I’ve found so far is frozen liver which I know is frowned on.

    Only time I feel the natural high is when I eat the grass fed beef from Walmart completely raw. Feels so good to eat it and it just melts in my mouth. I believe it is aged slightly but it is sealed via vacuum in plastic. I’m still working on trying to find a better source. I’m now toying with the ideas of buying some glass jars and making high meat.

  3. This girl got lured in to Veganism , this is quite clear from the interview.
    But. The main problem and the main argument against Veganism is that:

    It is a ideology of complete narcissism. I mean, it's all based upon that you can live 4 more years – but in trade of this, you destroy the environment completley, i mean, utterly, becuase you import vegetables and other crap during winter months from other parts of the world.

    For example, I live in Sweden. How is vegetables supposed to grow here for the 9+ winter months we hav? it's just impossible. This is true for most of Europe. Veganism is not natural, it's only those people who feel too entitled, that are way too narcissisitc. i mean just go to any vegan, they are extremely narcissistic, THEY look themselves int he mirror and flex their muscles and get turned on about their own bodies. its disgusting the level of self entitlement and narcissism they hvave – and they go on about how you gain 3 extra years "muh years".

    The bare reality is that Humans are not supposed to live past 80 years old, we are SUPPOSED to die… around this age. It might be fucking hard to comprehend for some people, but fucking hell, this is part of your life, you should be happy the time you get to live and not be horny for more.

    All this is what is wrong about Veganism and it's strong enough arguments that noone should go and practice this shit.

    And yes, if you are one of those Vegan Gains fanboys who scream "KILLING COW IS THE SAME AS KILLING HUMAN BABY" <— this is just fucking stupid.

    A cow is not the fucking same RACE as a human, ofcourse you don't give a shit about some low life animal? I mean ffs, who gives a fuck about a cow? Honestly who does?
    It's in the nature of man to care for his own. To care about your own race, to not want to slit the throat of a baby? that is just normal. Nobdoy in their right mind want to do this.

    And everyone should be okay with killing animals for food, because life is a hirarchy, welcome to reality, and as long as it is not your own race or species, then you shouldnt give a shit about if it dies or not. Should we have animal courts? bring the pig to the trial? are you fucking crazy.
    It's just so un-realistic, these people are absolutley removed from reality and they base their whole narcissistic ideology off of that the modern world that completley depends on Oil, will bring them their precious vegetables from all these warm parts of the world.

    Guess what this is not natural nor realisitc. Agh. I could go on about this for hours becuase it pisses me off.. also how can you even stomach to be this narsissistic? you care so fucking much about yourself that you chose to destroy the nature for everyone else and the future children, just so you live 3+years?? i mean that's just in-comprehensible to me. i can't even comprehend it.

    Anway, fuck Vegans, and have a good day o/

  4. Isn't it ironic that vegans always tout spirituality, when it is physiologically impossible to reach ones spiritual best with a cholesterol-starved brain.

  5. The vegans will say she didn't go into it for the right reasons, that is why she quit. She went into it for yoga and not ethics. She didn't put the right vegan diet together. It's the same old rhetoric BS from vegans , just another day.

  6. she should like into juicing celery or making kefir from coconut or other, like Aajonus Vonderplanitz talks about in his books and videos. Also he has recipes like the butter/honey combo to hydrate you and your skin

  7. Ledsen att din syster svälta hennes hjärn upp till nu! Du far berätta till henne att hon kan inte göra ingenting värre för kropp eller hjärn! (Väl okej snaps är inte så gott heller!)

  8. Best of luck and good health, young lady. Mood disorders are incredibly painful and you are amazing and strong to keep pushing forward. You may like steak tartar because it is finely chopped and contains a lot of moisture. I love sushi as well so it may be a way to start eating raw.

  9. I got food poisoning recently, just started with raw milk and raw eggs. Im wondering what could be the cause and what to watch out for because the symptoms were pretty bad. Don't want to make the mistake again, what do you think would be safe for me now after this ?

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