“Dairy is Scary” Reaches 5 Million Views on YouTube

This 7 days, video “Dairy is Terrifying” achieved 5 million sights on YouTube. The five-minute online video was established and narrated by Canadian vegan activist Erin Janus in 2015 as a digestible investigation of the cruel procedures inherent to the dairy market, together with forcibly impregnating cows, eliminating calves after delivery to be despatched to slaughter, and creating frequent ailments this sort of as mastitis that cows practical experience from a life span of overexertion. “I was inspired to make the video clip right after currently being horrified for several years at the regular methods that go on inside of the dairy market,” Janus instructed VegNews. “I hope it will continue to wake viewers up to the hidden atrocities at the rear of the milk that is manufactured from the grieving animal moms of an sector that has so a lot to conceal.” Earlier this calendar year, the legendary video expanded from the screen to the streets of Los Angeles in the variety of 60 billboards erected all around the town by animal-legal rights group In Defense of Animals to assist Angelenos comprehend that dairy is in fact terrifying.

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