What I eat in a day plus what supplements I take as a vegan!
Healthy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.

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50 thoughts on “29. WHAT I EAT IN A DAY + SUPPLEMENTS

  1. Yesss please make the lasagne again in another video so we can see exactly how you make it! It looks amazing!!! I love your 'what I eat in a day' videos – they are my favourites ??

  2. Everything looked so delicious………I miss your beautiful long flowing hair. You have that natural gorgeous hair. I think you look nice with blond or brown, but I like it long. I know, change is good sometimes, but you look so much more gorgeous with it long.

  3. You know what??? I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but that porridge looked amazing… It actually looked like cake crumbled up. That lasagna looked ok also. I'm Italian, so full meat Lasagna is my fav, but I would try this.

  4. I thought you were meant to be promoting a healthy diet…then why are you implying you need to take all these supplements aswell? that's why I and many others bought your cook book. The b12/vitamin D I understand but why the multi vitamin aswell. your protein powder, nutritional yeast and plant milk are already fortified and what about your food aswell, why over do it? I don't like how you're making out that a vegan diet won't provide you with the right nutrients so need to take loads of supplements. I only take a b12 supplement (spray by garden of life) as I like to get all my nutrients from whole foods, I used to take a lot of supplements but they made me break out and feel off sometimes, apparently it's because they are made up in a lab, I don't think large amounts of synthetic vitamins are healthy for the body because they aren't natural. food looked yum though!

  5. Do you and Joe mostly eat the same foods (vegan) or does he make his own meals? Im curious to know how couples who don’t eat the same diet plan meals as I’m vegetarian myself and find it tricky with someone who isn’t.

  6. That lasagne looks amazing! I might have to try making one! Loved all the things you ate in this video and pilates place looks incredible! Thanks for the positive video as always!

  7. hi Niomi..how are you? i just wanted to say that you are so inspiring..i love your cookbook even if im not vegan and vegetarian.. Can you make a video of how did you became one? how many years already? did you ever eat meat? why are you vegan? and what inspired you to be vegan..because we need meat for many reasons.. of the old times people was hunting animals… thank you an HI from Croatia 😀

  8. Hey Niomi,
    Just for you to be aware the Vitamin D spray you have is not vegan, also you should keep it in the fridge rather then on room temperature . This is not criticizing, I thought you would just want to know 🙂 I love your channel, keep up the good work!!

  9. Thanks for another great video Niomi. I love to see you talk about what you put in your dishes and your process of making them, I find it really inspiring and it gives me ideas of what I can do with other dishes 🙂

  10. Youre such an amazing person, i love how positive and joyful you are! your videos ALWAYS put me in a good mood, i love to watch them right before i go to bed, they calm me down and give me so many positive vibes! also thanks to you and your channel i found so many amazing recipes and ideas what to cook! i loved this video and ill be trying your lasagna for sure, it looked delicious and you looked so happy talking about it!!

  11. Love seeing your “what I eat in a day” these lasagnas look delicious! Will try. Also just bought the Tiramisu protein, can’t wait to try ! Form really has the beat protein powders !

  12. Hi Niomi Just watch the Stacey Dooley documentary and I think what you are doing is very responsible and I just want to say thank you for actually doing something about it well done you.

  13. I was wondering why you kept saying "especially as a vegan" or "being on a vegan diet" when referring to supplements? It almost made it sound like vegans are more vulnerable to nutrient deficiency which I dont believe it actually true.

  14. For the Vitamin D supplement, the most important time of the year to take it is the spring! Because the sun is not yet strong enough (especially in the UK waaah) to give a decent amount of Vitamin D, and your body stores are really really low in the spring!!

  15. Niomi you do the best what I eat in a day videos, I always enjoy seeing what you eat, gives me so many ideas. I make your mango salsa all the time! And the lasagne was the best bit, love how you talked through the recipe, I'm going to make it! Thank you x ?

  16. It’s funny how sometimes you don’t like certain ingredients. I HATE carrots, just the smell of it makes me nauseous, and it’s even worse when they’re cooking. I wonder why haha.

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