Why Do Vegans Look Sick | Vegans Are Malnourished?

Why Do Vegans Look Sick | Vegans Are Malnourished?

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The Great Lymphatic System:

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Carnism Melanie Joy’s TED talk:

The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear:

Why Vegetarians Should Go Vegan:

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27 thoughts on “Why Do Vegans Look Sick | Vegans Are Malnourished?

  1. This was a great video that covered a wealth of valuable information. It will also serve as an excellent reference video to guide others to, as Your tone is very welcoming and non- judgmental . Thank you.

  2. Many excellent points made here. Part of the problem is most Youtubers are under 30. You can look really good on a raw vegan, paleo, carnivore, cooked vegan whatever for a while when you're young.

    Also, I did a video about Time Magazine's BS article on eggs. You may want to take a swing at this topic as well. I first caught wind of it from Happy Healthy Vegan.


  3. You’re right we can’t just judge others – we have no idea where they are in their healing journey, where they are in their life, or where they came from! And such a good point, our healing is a marathon not a sprint, be like the 🐢 not the 🐰 😆

  4. Yes, if you take Hollywood images as a guideline for healthy bodies, you´d likely have to start a steroid cycle as a man and as a woman you´d need a near anorexic diet program and probably some fake boobs.

  5. I think the problem is a lot of raw vegans and vegans are very slim and have a lower body fat. Some people see that as being unhealthy but it’s just being thinner than there used to seeing. Then there is some that Might not be paying attention to making sure that they’re getting all that they need. Mostly eating enough.

  6. I always watch your vids because you are so reasonable, have experience re: your subject matter…and well you are a perfect example of a healthy looking, attractive (Nothing inappropriate meant here..I could be your grandmother) vegan. Also you are such a gentleman and don't feel the need to assault us with cursing and vitriolic statements about those who choose to eat meat. I have been vegan for about 5 years…vegetarian before that. I have not eaten processed food for years. I have developed disc problems diagnosed in the past 3 years. I don't assume that this happened due to the vegan diet. This sort of issue happens over a long time. And I had a childhood accident which caused a slightly abnormal spinal curvature. The issue just expressed with pain during the last few years so I had an MRI which displayed the problem. I have done no exercise for about 5 years..and have spent more years than that hunched over a computer, etc. I believe those issues are causative. So I don't pay a lot of attention to all the abundant vegan haters (after all it isn't pc to hate people because of race or skin color anymore so I guess young people feel the need to come up with something else to hate others for so they can feel special). However I am confused by testimonials from the now "carnivores" (a loosely used coined term..since we don't really fit that biological label) who say they were so unhealthy on the vegan diet after trying it for many years..or that they even experienced organ damage. One person who claimed he was a retired gastroenterologist (a lie? strange choice of physician category to choose for a lie) responded to one of my comments that in his experience anyone who followed a vegetarian…not even vegan…diet would have irreversible organ damage after 4 years. I am sure he meant to be helpful, which I appreciated. This was certainly chilling. I don't know what he makes of all those long lived vegans in Loma Linda. Anyway, I know you can't fathom what has happened to those ex-vegans in all those situations. But if you do have any insight…or if anyone else has, I would love to hear about it. However, if someone replies to my comment with more vegan hating opinions, please make an effort to spell correctly and use a semblance of correct English grammar…that would be most appreciated. However, if you should wish to make a helpful response, feel free to use any sort of wording you desire and I will figure it out. Thank you so much in advance.

  7. Very good information. Your videos are excellent especially the ones on what you take to work because most of us are confused about that. I try to copy your suggestions & it has made my life so much less complicated. Thank you

  8. Great points. Yes most of the "Skinny " comments are because we are conditioned with seeing everyone that is over weight as the new normal, watch a movie from the 50's or 60's and see what was normal then. The slow mental conditioning is tough to break, it will be a long battle…Stay Well..

  9. Awesome bro 👽 Check it out I seen this guy making YouTube videos of why you should eat raw meat and he's making videos on why it doesn't work 😖 Basically he very very very angry cause it didn't work for him so I checked him out and i came up with my conclusion 😎 He's a masturbator lol he's losing vital energy and he's blaming it on the raw food diet 👽 you cant dissipate energy to porn and expect to have raw food life force energy benefits his life force is in the palm of his hand lol. He need reeducation on energy and how to keep it👽

  10. ♥️🙏🏻🍊🌞🙌🏻😘 LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! Yes… we look horrible & skinny when we detox but after a year & with some education – THIS IS THE WAY!!! I am 44 years veg, 27 vegan & 2+ years fruitarian & LOVE THIS LIFESTYLE!

  11. Good job! Right on point. The learning curve is riddled with misinformation from the commercial opposition. Sadly, people think that adopting a vegan diet is the all encompassing road to superior health.

    The truth is, vegan does not equal healthy. Not with the advent of new commercial interests that are peddling plant based processed foods that are no better than the diet they left, in terms of the turmoil it generates in the body. Most of it soy based or some alternate high-protein substitute (mock meats). The lack of education on the negative effects of protein is leading well-meaning health seeking people on a crash course.

    It is especially critical to understand that fruit pulls toxins out of interstitial spaces and often overloads the body's already challenged elimination channels. Face it, your channels of elimination are compromised. Learn how to clean and improve their functions.

    Proper food combining is also critical in the development of a healthy eating regime. Eat the wrong foods together and the blowback comes with bloating, inflammation and more.

    So, an educated plant based eater will thrive while the uneducated will create a worse environment and suffer.

    Learning how to evaluate calorie values of various foods is also helpful to make sure base needs are covered. Doing that is so much easier now, with tools like cronometer.com. Take the time to enter a week's worth of data so you understand that 5 oranges, although filling, do not supply much in terms of calories. It helps to develop a relationship with food through personal education .

    Lastly, those who choose the plant based lifestyle must study detoxification so they can understand what is happening when the body starts to break down the old to build the new. The 'healing crisis' is real and can be very nasty for some, especially those who choose a high fruit diet.

    Keep up the great work!

  12. Too me Car/Omnivores look the worst. Physically they are inflamed, mentally and emotionally they are usually unstable and live off stimulants, spiritually, they are nowhere. Animalistic in nature. Vegans look okay, healthy, intelligent, sometimes can be mentally and emotionally overwhelmed by the new energy and spiritually they are finally getting somewhere and becoming more "Human". Raw Foodists/Fruitarians? They seem the most alive and the most human! there energy is the highest and aura shines the brightest, they are usually sharp, happy and free spirited. They project a closer expression of nature herself thus spiritually they are far more found and connected. I see energy, i don't see bodies. You are what you eat.

  13. You are a perfect example of someone looking healthy and flourishing on a vegan diet, and raw at that! Handsome, with no signs of inflammation. Nice physique, down to earth and positive. A blessing on earth!

  14. nooooooooooo .. people waste decades trying to perfect vegan diets and getting sicker .. they should be far more impatient in my mind .. they get to the point of near death before quitting in my experience ..

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