Weekly Wrap Up W/ VEGAN WARRIOR: Ep. 13 (7 Dec)

Weekly Wrap Up W/ VEGAN WARRIOR: Ep. 13 (7 Dec)

Good evening everyone and thank you for tuning into another episode of the Flat Earth Friday weekly wrapup. Here we do a quick review of the most recent news in flat earth versus globe discussion. Also we delve into popular news on both sides in dealing with the scientific community and the fake space propaganda arm of the United States government known as NASA.

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29 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up W/ VEGAN WARRIOR: Ep. 13 (7 Dec)

  1. The earth is flat but Christians eat MEAT and don't chant the holy names ? They were cheated about the ball earth and cheated about everything, because everything is not on a ball, but somehow for them, that doesn't apply to MEAT and chanting.
    The Bible (Genesis 1.21; 1.24; 1.30; 2.7 and in many other places) refers to both animals and people as nefesh chayah, living souls.
    The ancient Vedic text of the Manu-samhita (5.45-8)says ”He who injures innoxious beings from a wish to give himself pleasure never finds happiness, neither living nor dead. He who does not seek to cause the suffering of bonds and death to living creatures, but desires the good of all beings,obtains endless bliss …. . Meat can never be obtained without injury to living creatures ,and injury to sentient beings is detrimental to the attainment of heavenly bliss; Let him therefore shun the use of meat.”
    The Bible (Romans 14.21) also says; ”It is neither good to eat flesh nor to drink wine.”
    (Exodus 23.5 ) instructs us to help animals in pain, even if they belong to an enemy.
    Matthew 9.13; 12.7 Jesus preferred mercy over sacrifice and was opposed to the buying and selling of animals for sacrifice
    (Matthew 21.12-14; Mark 11.15; John 2.14-15). One of the missions of Jesus was to do away with animal sacrifice and cruelty to animals (Hebrews 10.5-10)
    We especially find in Isaiah where Jesus scorns the slaughter and bloodshed of humans and animals .He declares (1.15) that God does not hear the prayers of animal killers: ”But your iniquities have separated you and your God. And your sins have hid His face from you, so that he does not hear.For your hands are stained with blood …Their feet run to evil and they hasten to shed innocent blood … they know not the ways of peace”.
    Isaiah also laments that he saw, ”joy and merrymaking, slaughtering of cattle and killing of sheep, eating of meat and drinking of wine, as you thought, "let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die” (22.13)
    Isaiah 66.3 , "He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man”.
    In this light St Basil (320-379 A.D.) taught ”The stream of meat darkens the light of the spirit. One can hardly have virtue if one enjoys meat meals and feasts".
    The Buddhist scripture (Sutta- Nipata 393) also advises; ”Let him not destroy or cause to be destroyed any life at all, or sanction the acts of those that do so. Let him refrain from even hurting any creature, both those that are strong and those that tremble in the world.”
    It is also said in the Buddhist scripture, the Mahaparinirvana Sutra,”The eating of meat extinguishes the seed of great compassion.”
    For Jews,the Talmud (Avodah Zorah) 18B forbids the association of hunters, and engaging in hunting.

    The earth is flat but what are your aims ? You cannot change suffering and the increasing unhappiness that is in the world or anything as far as karma is concerned unless you develop God consciousness by chanting and stop your demonic, animalistic meat eating Christian ways.
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

  2. I'm so dead on this one FAM….😂😂😂😂…. I have to listen to the beginning but. Why you and Vegan go in on The Obama's like that. Lol… And then Serena…. ???? 😂😂😂😂 Beyonce… Man… Will smith too..😂😂😂 I can't breathe Fam.. I can't breathe. Great show to both of y'all. ..👍👍.Jaded Truth…..
    Ohh …. Yeah I don't want to be in on showing either. We will let vegan find out and forward what he witnessed from the (VIEWING).LOL….

  3. I've been listening to all the vegans who had to stop because of their health. Check into it before you ruin your body. Unless you think all the former long term vegans decided to lie. Love you.

  4. Look, the news media was down to the boarder by the hundreds when all those refuges came by the thousands. Of coarse that was a governance funded "event" and is a government funded event. As far as the Cali wild fires and 50,000 missing people.'I say, where are all those peoples extended families living. Can't all be in paradise….. Also where are all the protestors at for this BS? Cali is the biggest protest state out there, the government is burning the rural communities and not one major protest??? Guess we need to take a page out of France's guide to protest. Looks like them citizens are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Another question… Where are the Militias at?? They are going to let the government burn down entire communities without a peep? No words in the bug out communities. Lot of questions to be asked IMHO.'lots of BS. Augmented CGI going on with all those videos of houses burning and no trees burning. I don't know but like I said, lots of stuff got me scratchin my head with all this Bs. We all need to be asking some serious questions as to validity of everything. Where is the uproar? Where are the people? Where are the photos of all these so called burned school uses with burned kids and why isn't this being PLASTERED ACROSS SOCAIL MEDIA WEBSITE. Where are all the families looking for families on Facebook. Thanks D and Vegan!!

  5. I notice that with the france protest white people are in the comment section of various posts praising them but when its black people all of a sudden we are thugs and criminals🤔

  6. D marble x22 report u tube 1/2 news on all of this stuff Q posts etc…each day…the deep state is all thru govt n DC… if Trump would have gone after hilary everything would have been undone. Why because the deep state have people in th he courts throughout govt that would counter act everything Trump would have brought up. So nothing would happen arrests Indictments etc… timing is everything… patiences… weeding out the deep state n replacing postions in govt n the courts to get the right people In there to arrest these people… u have to clean house first before making arrests…. arrests r already happening we just dont hear about it… they will eventually get to the top guys soon…. X22 report… no drama n rants straight forward news on political n geopolitical news. 1/2 hour on everything u need to know about the recent Q posts…

  7. That stuff in France is fake..my cousin over there n he said reporters were ducking down to early when there was no tear gas being thrown lool..also the yellow vest as there called were obv given them vest by government..but yh a lot of it looks so fake ,how can police stand with them while police were apparently throwing the tear gas hmmmm r u lot woke or indoctrinated..Was a great stream. 1st time listening and I think it should be regular ,thanks 👊🏽👏🏽

  8. I'm so sorry to hear ur dealing with racism crap from people….its so weird, people can identify as whatever gender they want nowadays, yet people are still being racist? God bless u!!!

  9. D., Vegan, ALL the president's related to King John Lackland of England, not only that, but the opponents in the elections are also, let's keep going, the closest to King John "won" the (s)election. Dig a bit deeper, they're all RH negative blood types. Bette get out the backhoe now, really getting deep, trace them back to Egyptian pharoahs. Gets even weirder, King Tut has an elongated skull with no paroidial suiture, Brian Forester can tell you about that.

  10. To be fair, my step dad's mother was called "Mike", her birth name was Evelyn. Mike was her nickname, but Michael (Michael?)Nobama isn't even attractive!!!!

  11. bro, i just got my order from truth pirates/flatearth101 ordered me some of those hunid dolla bill flat earth business cards, and they sent me about 150 other cards for free, ima go to the mall tomorrow, and be a truth spreader, thanks for the link! stay flat

  12. Yo big D, if u ever in my area come thru homie. You will always be welcome brah, a fellow service men and F.E. believer. Remember this, u can stay here as long as u need, the whole family loves your channel. Stay up, take care troop..WhooAh

  13. I heard only one thing worth while in this WHOLE video and it was Greater Sapien made a vid that I already watched. Sorry about what happened with you at the Flat Gathering, But I wouldn't sleep on the same floor as you but for VASTLY different reasons. Come here to the comments and again tho I am reading and not a lick of reason between the LOT of you. Cant wait to see you flop on the response to GS in his moon light vid.

  14. See the thing is yall dont see whats going on in mexico to have these ppl walkn 1000 of miles. Who owns earth? Yall falling right into the trick bag

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