Vegan Boots To Up Your Fashion Game This Winter

Vegan Boots – Up your vegan fashion game with some of our favourite vegan boots this winter. Since boots are the backbones of any winter wardrobe, finding a pair that would turn heads seems to be a struggle, especially for those of us who refuse to harm any other being for our own pleasure!

Yes, I’m talking about vegans. It is the time to say goodbye to leather in fashion. Not only that using leather for making shoes and garments is unethical, but also it’s become old-fashioned. But it is very difficult to find stylish vegan boots, right? Wrong!

Fortunately, every day, more designers and brands are embarking on using alternatives textile made from sustainable materials, such as algae, fungi, cork, in-lab leather and other innovative textiles, redefining the meaning of luxury designs and fashionable styles.

Here, we have chosen five of our favourite vegan boots for every style, that has everything conscious consumers like you are looking for.

Vegan Boots For This Winter – 1. Dr Martens 1490

Vegan Boots For Winter - Dr Martens 1490 Flex Rub OffVegan Boots For Winter - Dr Martens 1490 Flex Rub Off with skinny jeans

Born in the 70s, 1490 is an anti-establishment fashion statement. The boots subcultural design is adopted by Dr Martens’ original 8-eye boot that was at the time police standard-issue. Ever since the design has been a sign for rebels: iconic air-cushioned sole with yellow stitching.

Vegan Boots For Winter - Dr Martens 1490 Cambridge Brush with fishnetVegan Boots For Winter - Dr Martens 1490 Cambridge Brush

Made from synthetic materials, 1490 uses no animal by-products with an all-vegan construction. So you can rock Docs with no compromises.

Vegan Boots For This Winter – 2. Alice+Whittles Classic Collection

Vegan Boots For Winter - Alice+Whittles minimalist black + white ankle bootVegan Boots For Winter - Alice+Whittles black riding boot

Gumboots have become a fashion essential now. In two types, riding and ankle boots, the Alice+Whittles classic collection makes a bold statement by its timeless design.

Responsibly sourced, these handmade boots are using Fair Trade premium materials, supplied by rubber workers in Sri Lanka.

Vegan Boots For Winter - Alice+Whittles classic collection

Its sleek, minimalistic design has a modern look by eliminating the unnecessary elements, signalling its functional simplicity.

Vegan Boots For This Winter – 3. NAE B-Gun

Vegan Boots For Winter - Nae B-GunVegan Boots For Winter - Nae B-Gun with jeansVegan Boots For Winter - Nae B-Gun with vegan label

NAE is the choice of fashion for those who want to make a bold statement about their values: No Animal Exploitation. The Portuguese footwear brand is one of the pioneers in the industry to use innovative and sustainable materials such as microfibre leather, cork, pineapple leather and recycled textiles.

Their steel-capped B-Gun boots are for the tough ones: dependable and durable, made from ecological and water-resistant microfibre.

Vegan Boots For This Winter – 4. Bourgeois Boheme Maya Black

Vegan Boots For Winter - Bourgeois Boheme Maya Black Vegan Boots For Winter - Bourgeois Boheme Maya Black

Inspired by iconic British footwear, these handcrafted boots are made from premium Italian vegan leather paired with cork panel detail, combining conventional craftsmen with innovative design. For a smart feminine style point, this pair is best to be matched with a dress or mini skirt.

Vegan Boots For This Winter – 5. NAE Chere

Vegan Boots For Winter - NAE ChereVegan Boots For Winter - NAE Chere

Another beautiful pair by NAE, this time for a classic look. These suede look-alikes vegan boots are also made from ecological microfibre are a perfect match for Skinny jeans or leggings as well as skirts.

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