This DXB Cafe Has Added Dreamy Plant-based Products To Its Beauty Corner

This DXB Cafe Has Added Dreamy Plant-based Products To Its Beauty Corner

We simply love everything about Comptoir 102. Its healthy, sustainable menu is largely vegan, but still offers alternatives for those with a slightly more flexible diet (poached eggs, anyone?). Plus, it is home to a fantastic fashion, beauty and furniture store. So dreamy. 

This week, we’re thrilled by the arrival of a new range of products to the beauty section. The goodies promise to not only keep us nourished and glowing, but will ensure we are being environmentally friendly at the same time. 

The plant-based products – think clean, organic and natural – say goodbye to plastic, toxic chemicals while still ticking all the boxes when it comes to quality and innovation. 

The first new product on our radar is a facial SPF Stick from LA unisex brand Salt & Stone. The broad-spectrum protection is loaded with sunflower and Vitamin E oils to help moisturise the skin, and is formulated to be at least 80 minutes water resistant. We’re also big fans of 320 MHz’s Recovery Serum, which is designed to maintain all day hydration with organic rose and neroli oil. 

The beauty corner, named Beauty 102, will also become the exclusive home to Swedish brand L:A Bruket. Their philosophy is “we don’t need chemicals to innovate skincare”, and we’re super excited to try their No 182 Fennel Seed Facial Wash.

New products will also be available from Noto – they’ve brought out a deep face serum – and Odacite’s Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum that promises to prevent dryness and encourage plumpness in the lips.

The store, nestled in the heart of old Jumeirah, is a little sanctuary away from the polished malls and we can’t stay away. 

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