The Apocalypse | ContraPoints

The Apocalypse | ContraPoints

Is it hot in here or is the world just like this now?

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37 thoughts on “The Apocalypse | ContraPoints

  1. Hope it doesn't trigger any dysphoria or anything, but Mother Ocean looks like some Violet Chacki level drag. Top notch production as always, and I'll treasure the memories of it when I'm living on a drifting plastic tarp and eating human shit.

  2. I completely disagree that "it's the big corproration's job!" That's such a cop-out. ANTI CONSUMERISM. Don't buy a stupid Tesla…don't buy any car unless it doesn't drive anymore and you'll probably save more total emissions.

  3. Unfortunately climate change denial is becoming more accepted in Europe aswell due to the rise of the populist right. So yeah, the political situation looks fucked.

  4. I had a conversation with people on climate change and how were all gonna die becuase of it at the world's going to end. But they only answered with "no, that won't happen becuase the world will only end when Jesus comes back and takes us all to heaven". Oh my god we're all going to die🤦‍♀️

  5. @Contrapoints: I genuinely enjoy all of your work here quite a bit. However, I find it difficult to agree with you on this issue not from a general sense ("Hey, we should definitely care about our actions and their effects on ecologies, local & global), but in a specific scientific sense – we just don't have enough data currently to predict anything at all about future climatic structures. I say climatic structures, because it is very possible that we are seeing a fractured climate compare to the normal, with warmer arctic areas, and relatively unchanged tropics (which is what is currently happening) with very different weather, but rather similar climate (ie, big, stronger tropical storms, but generally similar tropical temperatures). For instance, Siberia, prior, and in some areas even during the last ice age, contained massive prairies, and sustained ecologies strong enough to feed herds of mastodons. Is that good? Bad? For who? How? Also we rarely take in account the role of the Sun in our climate. Many scientists are claiming that a future cool down of the Sun (temporarily) is coming, per its own "weather" cycles, which will significantly affect the amount of heat which reaches our planet in the first place. Again, good? bad? no one knows because we severely lack the necessary data to predict this. Are oil companies shitty? Of course. Should people be vegan? Yes, for many reasons. Are we all going to die in an infernal climate change apocalypse? Not at all likely unless an incredibly specific number of instances occur over the next century, given absolutely no change in our technological capacity, and assuming current if not larger growth patterns from economic and population stances…. it is very very much an idea with a basis in reality, but not a tested, tried and true theory. Buttttttt all in all, I love this page and all of your thoughts, and I can't wait for the next one!

  6. One celsius degree is a LOT. Think of it like this. The body's normal temperature is around 36 C, but during a fever it will rise to around 38 and anything above 39 is seriously dangerous.

  7. Can we please learn what the word "theory" in scientific contexts means. "Theories" are the graduation of scientific models when sufficient attempts to disprove a hypothesis fails. It is as confident a statement as is possible within the scientific community and everything we know and use in science is a theory. Theories are only broken when something disproves it and the disproof is repeatable and verifiable. So to be abundantly clear, a theory doesn't imply uncertainty, it is the word given to models and explanations of the highest degree of confidence that the scientific method is capable of providing. If you're going with the argument that "X is just a theory", then you may as well throw out everything else we know about science along with it because everything we know about it is derived by the same methods.


  9. If the left thinks global warming is all about science, then stop politicizing the issue. As a centrist, I can't help but notice that the left treats believing in global warming as something akin to religion. Also, even if global warming doesn't exist, shouldn't we curb pollution anyway? Why does it take a doomsday scenario in order to have clean air? I don't see an actual discussion on the left about the matter beyond all agreeing the sky is falling. And yes, I realize that the right denies the issue mainly because it's in the pocket of Big Oil.

  10. I went into college an ecology major. I’m coming out of college a mortician. I don’t see humanity solving this any time soon, but whatever the future holds, the dead will be numerous.

  11. I feel like there's a significance that the thermometer is at 58°, but I can't figure out what it might mean, unless Natalie just likes filming in a slightly chilly room for some reason…

  12. I mean you're still being a doomsayer, I love how you scream science science science when it's convenient but have you kept up with modern science at all? Have you not seen the immense steps various countries are taking in new technologies, graphene? fusion power? I mean shit the ITER is going to be DONE in france by 2050. You propose a solution of what "take political action?" Sorry but Industrialization got us into this mess and it's the only way to get us out again, are you going to start not using electricity in your house? Gonna go smash your own car? Gonna go blowup some gas stations huh? Fuckin retard, you've really got no solutions, besides stupid marches and empty concerns.

  13. oh god it's so cringy and misinformed, oh god it's leading millennials to burn down their own cities and autistically scream at middle class working white men, oh god put it out, just kill it with fire already… oh god what's it doing now?! is that… oh no… life advice? from this fucking thing? oh my god… it wants me to stop eating meat… the thing that made our species's brains grow? Oh god this thing is gonna make us turn into fucking deer… what's it doing now? Oh god it's proposing solutions of political protest for something in the private sector, it's so stupid I'm going to be sick, and what's this? People are agreeing? NO NO STOP YOU're being misled, won't anybody listen, doesn't anybody think for themselves anymore?! You can't can you… none of you can… you'll all cite science as your evidence then invade the private lives of others to the point of hating people, real hate, real violence, fucking scary apes I don't want to live on this planet anymore with you… The answer is so obvious even a Lehman like me can see it: If the problem is scientific, the solution is probably also going to be scientific, not draconian change of government and all aspects of the world. Have you people even kept up with scientific advancements? MIT's Industrialized graphene production? The ITER Project? De-desertification efforts in China? My god… what is this evil he-she specie that has warped your mind so? I have watched countless videos of it babble on with its false axioms of truth, it's denial of the good and intelligence of mankind… you are all unworthy of this world and unworthy of this chance at being born into it.

  14. The Bell System Science Series episode The Unchained Goddess (1958) talked about climate change (Global Warming) that if the ice caps melted the oceans would rise 100 feet, the clip is on here. the beloved american filmmaker Frank Capra produced it.

  15. Thank you for your videos. I'm vegan for environmental reasons, plus for my own health and the animals themselves. Other changes individuals can make are using bamboo toothbrushes, resuseable bags for food shopping, menstrual cups and enjoying the clothes you currently own instead of regularly clothes shopping. I agree that we need to target the big companies (I plan on doing so via activism) but I think we can couple this by making changes in our own lives (changes I've been pleased to realise that simplify my life and save me money- happy days). All the best, Maeve in Ireland

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