Parisian Designer Debuts Lettuce Sandals

Lettuce Sandals by Mats Rombaut Debute

Hard-Core Veganism in a shoe design. Just have a look at Mats Rombaunt, the Parisian designer, vegan sandals – Lettuce Sandals. This sandal caught the eyes of some famous models like Bella Hadid. Rombaut is a vegan by himself, and he came with this eye-catching, nonmeat shoes: green pool slides with a vibrant butter lettuce-leaf healthy kale-hue sole.

Lettuce Sandals is a limited-edition and only 50 pairs of them were made, and the price is not so vegan for some of us – $122 for one pair, the packaging and labeling are good and have a really eye-catching message “thoroughly washed and ready to wear”.

Lettuce Sandals are available for pre-order and will be shipped by the end of October 2018. As Robaunt told “Vogue” – “I wanted to communicate that the brand was vegan”, “We made these sculptures out of vegetables and we were placing these posters around Paris and as an invitation for the showroom. Ever since I have been doing that. I always wanted to make them real so you could actually wear them.” Mat Rombaunt cooperated with PZ designer to create another version of sandals – “Purple Cabbage”, and those were sold out in one day on October 1st, 2018.

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