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New Book to Expose the Horrifying Treatment of Animals in Animal Agriculture

A new book written by undercover investigator Rich Vardy aims to expose the horrifying details of what really happens to animals behind closed doors.

Not As Nature Intended, Vardy’s new vegan book, will reveal the shocking treatment of animals in animal agriculture, beauty and fashion industry, and the entertainment industry.

“Most of the animals used by humans are incarcerated or mistreated away from public view, so often the only way to tell their story is to go undercover,” said Vardy in a statement.

Vardy went vegan as a child when he saw a pig outside his classroom desperately trying to escape the school playground from a slaughterhouse nearby.

When his career in professional football ended, he then committed to becoming a full-time animal rights and environmental activist.

Vardy joined different animal rights organizations and became an undercover investigator for 2 decades, infiltrating different industries such as animal agriculture, circuses that exploit animals, and fur industry.

“Working with a fake identity, a notebook and a covert camera concealed in a shirt button, I traveled to places few get to see or can even imagine,” said Vardy.

“This is an account of the ordinary people who do bad things when the public isn’t watching, and how they justify committing unspeakable acts of cruelty or don’t even acknowledge the suffering their actions cause.”

Unbound Publishers will be responsible for the publication of Not As Nature Intended and they started a fundraising campaign to make sure that the book will be released to the public.

“Without the support of passionate animal advocates, these important stories might not reach the mainstream,” Vardy states.

“Individuals who pledge to support the project will be recognized with their name printed in every copy of the book as one of the people who helped bring this chronicle of the fight for animal rights to life.”

The fundraising campaign already reached 41% of its target with 161 backers.

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