Mike Rashid's Total Body Muscle Builder | No Gym Needed

Mike Rashid’s Total Body Muscle Builder | No Gym Needed

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Start with 10 Push Ups, then do 10 explosive high jumps…
Go right into 8 Push Ups, Then do 8 explosive high jumps…
Do 6 Push Ups, then 6 explosive high jumps…
4 Push Ups, 4 explosive High Jumps,
2 Push Ups. 2 explosive high jumps, all with no break.

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Video by Trellis Evans @trellimages
music by Amir Perry @_amirperry

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27 thoughts on “Mike Rashid’s Total Body Muscle Builder | No Gym Needed

  1. Hey Mr. Rashid. Just wsnted to say it's amazing to 'think' that you've probably gained most of the things you want out of life, yet you still choose to poor into others. I kind of wish more pple in positions of power and influence, connected to everyday people like myself through the work they do. Not to say they don't but more on a personal growth dynamic, comparable to things you accomplish with your videos. The mind is a fickle thing, and only with proper guidance and the desire to receive it can we achieve more then we limit ourselves to. Anyways, my point was to commend you for the work you do and let you know its appreciated. Bless up yaself, and continue to do your thing.

  2. You’re a super inspirational dude Mike. Been following a while now and I hit these non gym sessions every morning at 6:30 for 30 minutes and I sweat like nobody’s business. Thanks for your passion and free hard work for all of us to reap the benefits of. You da man!

  3. Mike is the reason i wasn't afraid to switch up my lifting styles and workouts to be more athletic and have strenght not just aesthetic look. I even see better overall gains now .

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