Meghan Markle Met Some Extremely Cute Rescue Dogs

Meghan Markle Met Some Extremely Cute Rescue Dogs

In the midst of an extremely busy royal week — charity announcements, pizza making, and Cirque du Soleil attending, oh my! — Meghan Markle made time for what just might be her cutest outing yet. On Wednesday, the Duchess of Sussex stopped by the Mayhew animal welfare organization in London (one of her new patronages), where she was adorably spotted petting every dog in sight.

Before we go on, a bit of context on the day’s outing. It’s been widely known for a while now that Meghan is a passionate animal advocate. She’s been outspoken about her love of dogs — she rescued Guy (a beagle who recently inspired a children’s book series) and Bogart (who she sadly had to leave in Canada ) before becoming royal, and she reportedly got a new dog with her husband, Prince Harry — and she’s said in the past that she tries to eat vegan during the week. On top of that, Meghan has been praised by PETA for her vegan fashion attire and devotion to animals. So, it came as no surprise when she announced that she would be working with Mayhew (which works to improve the lives of animals, people and the community) as its new royal patron.

During her Wednesday visit, Meghan met with staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries of the charity, per People, and learned more about Mayhew’s projects. But more importantly than that, the pregnant mum-to-be got a lot of face time with some dogs.

There was this dog …

And that dog …

And of course, this dog as well.

All the while, Meghan looked supremely happy to be surrounded by her beloveds (dogs). But one of the pooches at the charity got a lot of attention in particular, a cute dog named Minnie, who is up for adoption:

We can only hope there will be more royal dog outings in the near future.

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