How To Eat A Raw Vegan Diet | 7 Year Raw Vegan | What I Eat

How To Eat A Raw Vegan Diet | 7 Year Raw Vegan | What I Eat

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STEP 1- Educate yourself:

The Great Lymphatic System:

Detoxification The Art And Science Part 1:

Reversing Diabetes Through a Plant Based Diet:

101 Reasons To Go Vegan:

The sustainability secret:


Carnism Melanie Joy’s TED talk:

The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear:

Why Vegetarians Should Go Vegan:

STEP 2- Eat vegan
Complete Guide to Vegan Food:

STEP 3- Cosmetics and Clothing
Complete Guide To Vegan Cosmetics:

Complete Guide To Vegan Clothing:

STEP 4- Live vegan and connect
Facebook groups:

STEP 5- Become an activist
Guide to Vegan Activism:


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18 thoughts on “How To Eat A Raw Vegan Diet | 7 Year Raw Vegan | What I Eat

  1. ⚡️ 👼
    ☀️🍋🍇🌱🐢 💨💨💨💥💨
    🌬🌬COLD 🥶 here in BOSTON. ⛄️

  2. Great video…I freeze my lemons and finely grate/ peel with a micro- planer and put in my morning lemon water. After I grate I put grated lemon and warmed water in vitamix for a bit. Then u arent throwing away the benefits that are in peel.

  3. You really got this down! I’m one year in and can’t picture living any other way now, I feel sooo much better with this lifestyle! Thank you for sharing your tips 😍

  4. Great video Matt , thank you for sharing your What I eat in a day ! My eating day pretty much looks the same except that I do it in a 5-8 hour window, it has worked great for me and has been for close to 3+ years

  5. Just found your channel, very informative! I am aspiring to get back to raw, after many years off, and being 10 yr vegan on the high raw, whole food path. This may be a different observation, but something about you, reminds me of Brittany Taylor! She is fantastic, so it's a compliment!
    You both have a very kind eyes, and a great way of explaining, and expressing yourselves 🙂

  6. TIP: Throw in MSM with the Lemon Drink as Vitamin C pairs exceptionally well with MSM. I also eat fruit only in the morning but sometimes with coconut yogurt, berries and nuts/seeds 😛

  7. I rarely drink any water. I eat water rich fruits like oranges and apples. I am never thirsty. If you eat almonds you should definitely sprout them. Many good points here, thanks. The older you get, the more important is food combining and monomeals.

  8. Are your teeth not worn away with acid and ground down from chewing .. wholefood vegans here have those problems .. then diabetes from the excess sugars .. and pancreatic inflammation … im surprised youre making it work .. im guessing quite warm weather ?? a bit cold here for raw foods i guess..

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