Game Show “Jeopardy!” Quizzes Contestants With New “Going Vegan” Category

Classic game show “Jeopardy!” hosted by Alex Trebek recently quizzed contestants with the show’s new “Going Vegan” category.

Aired this January, which is coincidentally during monthlong vegan challenge Veganuary, the game show’s latest episode included the categories The Old West, Animated Disney Villains, Catch Phrases, World of Water, Newspaper Names, and Going Vegan.

During the vegan segment, Trebek unveiled 5 vegan questions along with their clues — all correctly answered by the contestants.

The first vegan question, for $200, provided the clue: “In fashion some vegans avoid wool, leather, and this fiber that comes from insects.”

A contestant correctly answered “silk,” which is a fiber made by boiling silk worms alive while inside their cocoons.

The second question, for $400, provided the clue: “Vegans can finally have a proper pint; this Irish brewer completely phased out fish-derived filters in 2017.”

One of the contestants again correctly answered “Guinness,” which removed fish bladders in their brewing process in 2017 for the first time in their 256-year history.

However, Guinness is not the only brand with vegan options. Vegans can check other animal-free alcoholic drinks at Barnivore, which lists around 42,000 alcoholic drinks around the globe.

Another question provided the clue: “Many vegetarians eat these; vegans don’t so they make swaps like 1 mashed banana for each in a cake recipe,” to which a contestant earned $600 for answering “eggs.”

The $800 question provided the clue: “Vegans can’t get enough of this B vitamin from plant sources, so they need supplements, injected or otherwise.”

A contestant correctly answered “vitamin B12,” which can actually be sourced from fortified vegan products such as plant-based milk, cereals, and nutritional yeast.

Last but not the least, the highest earning question described the answer as the “world’s most used vegetable oil” but is linked to deforestation.

A contestant correctly answered “palm oil,” earning $1,000.

Palm oil is technically vegan and consumed by both vegans and meat eaters, but some vegans refuse to consume the plant-based oil for ethical reasons, specifically its negative effect on the environment as well as the endangerment of orangutans and other wild animals.


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