bloggers are ruining the planet !!!!!!!!!!

bloggers are ruining the planet !!!!!!!!!!

hey y’all
happy shopping
hope u enjoyed
share with any plastic consumers plz

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20 thoughts on “bloggers are ruining the planet !!!!!!!!!!

  1. I follow theses Australia twins, Alisha and Renee Herbert and like I really loved what they stood for because they're pretty known for spreading the word of veganism but then they're at a stupid ol' prettylittlething dinner promoting the brand. Aghhh

  2. I relate so much to the I like clothes but I also like the planet inner debate. Glad there's Irish blogger ppl speaking about the important stuff. Yup sustainability!

  3. Can you recommend some online shops that I can shop from since I’m not from Dublin and can’t go to the vintage shops there?🤠

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