a researcher predicts that a consequence of the Vegan boom, yet no one suspects

a researcher predicts that a consequence of the Vegan boom, yet no one suspects

Vegan is announced – and the animal-free diet is gaining more and more Fans. No wonder that the life style gets to in other areas of everyday life. But all the same?

“A dead horse”, “Someone with the fur on the ears”, “Someone to hack meat processing”: These and many other idioms and their equivalents in other languages – will soon be the past, predicted a researcher.

diet changed the language?

If more and more people eat vegetarian or even vegan, is also the use of animal suffering-free idioms enforce, Shareena Hamzah safe, a researcher at the Swansea University in Wales. The Foxnews.com reported.

studies investigating the possible negative health effects of meat consumption , would sell over the short or long-the meat of the plates. On the academic Website The Conversation Hamzah writes that the growing perception and conviction of animal cruelty, as well as the negative impact of animal husbandry on the environment and the climate, are the also in the language of the low beat .

interesting : cucumbers, Avocados, and co. are not vegan and this is the reason that no one would have suspected.

Animal should be taught turns, kind speech in the classroom

the animal metaphors are completely> out of the use of language disappear , keeps Shareena Hamzah, however, unlikely. Rather, it could be > replaced by positive speech twists.

the Reflections of The researcher coincide with those of the animal protection organization Peta. This tried to establish already for a long time “pet-friendly speech,” phrases, and even offers Alternatives for the English-speaking world.

This should be taught according to the organization best in class: “While the expressions appear harmless, but they have a meaning and you could send out mixed signals about the relationship between man and animal to students.”

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microwave? In the case of these foods, please stop now!

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